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Pickleball players, welcome to our club!  DTC now has 6 permanently lined Pickleball courts.
Come in and check out this new and rapidly growing sport that is a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.  It's easy to learn, fast pace, and tons of fun!

All registrations will now be done through the Meetup Website or App via the group named: Play Pickleball Indoor at DTC

>>  To Join the Play Pickleball Indoor at DTC group on Meetup go to meetup.com/Play-Pickleball-Indoor-at-DTC  and click Sign up at top right <<

                            Time                    Level
  Friday 6:30 – 8:30 pm Advanced / Competitive (3.5 +)  
  Sunday 4:00 - 6:00 pm Intermediate / Advanced (3.0 +)
  Monday 2:00 - 4:00 pm Beginner / Intermediate
  Tuesday 2:00 - 4:00 PM Intermediate / Advanced
  Friday 2:00 - 4:00 PM Intermediate
Register for any of the above at Meetup 
Another option for play is reserving a pickleball court for your own group on Saturdays from 2:30 - 4:30 pm at $40 per court (guest fee $3.) Call the Club to reserve (this is not done through Meetup)

   All Fees will be collected at Doylestown Tennis Club
  • $10 per session for members
  • $13 per session for non members
  • $25 for membership