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Meet Our Professional Staff

Jim Klein - Director of Tennis / Head Pro

The JIM KLEIN TENNIS COLLEGE was established at Doylestown Tennis Club in 1995.  Jim is a certified USPTA Elite Pro with a degree in the Science of Tennis Instruction from Tyler Junior College, the first accredited tennis college in the world to offer a degree in the science of teaching tennis.   Jim studied under Steve Smith and Vic Braden, internationally-known tennis experts, educators, and personalities, and has been a guest instructor for the Vic Braden Tennis College on both the East and West coast.

“Our teaching philosophy is based on the laws of physics and the dimensions of the court.  Many teaching programs claim to offer the “best and greatest”. Easy to say…not easy to backup.   We are particularly proud to be one of the few teaching programs in the United States where all of our pros teach with the same science based information.  The bottom line is… we teach you to be your own coach.”   - Jim


Ryan Reidy - Assistant Head Pro

A certified USPTA Elite Pro, Ryan has been on the staff of the Jim Klein Tennis College at Doylestown for over 20 years.  Ryan trained under Jim Klein as both a player and instructor and he is an essential part of our teaching program. Ryan is the founder of the tennis instructional website 2MinuteTennis.net.

 “We work to make the program successful, to help it grow.  Whether it’s leagues, camps, or juniors, we all have the same focus.”  - Ryan

Cory Smith - Senior Staff Professional and Master Racket Stringer

Cory has been on the staff of the Jim Klein Tennis College at Doylestown for over 18 years.  Cory graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bloomsburg University with a degree in Education.  Cory is a certified USPTA Pro. Training under Jim since the age of 10, Cory joined the Jim Klein Tennis College as a teaching professional in 1999 and since then has been an integral part of our teaching program. Cory is a member of the U S Racquet Stringers Association and is the highly respected head racket stringer at our club.

Mary Lou Cardie - Senior Staff Professional

Mary Lou is a graduate of Arcadia University with a Masters in Education, and has a B.S. in Computer Science from Villanova University.  She joined our staff in September of 1998 and is a USPTA certified Elite Pro.  Mary Lou enjoys playing on our USTA 4.5 team and is an essential part of our teaching staff.  

Nick Covington - Senior Staff Professional

As the newest member of our professional teaching staff, Nick joined the Jim Klein Tennis College in 2013.  He had previously trained under Jim as a player.  Schooled in the Laws of Physics, it was a natural for Nick to join our staff.  He became a Certified USPTA Pro in 2014.   In addition, Nick has trained in martial arts for the past 19 years and is a third degree black belt.