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History of our Club

The Doylestown Tennis Club opened its doors on September 15, 1973.
It was the concept of two friends, Ed Mullaney and Duane Murner.  Ed’s background was in marketing and sales.  Duane, a Harvard graduate, was a district sales manager in the insurance industry with a keen eye for numbers. They weren’t “big money businessmen”.  So with nothing but a dream and a handshake they began their quest in January, 1972.
By Christmas Eve they had gone through their savings and were turned down by 22 banks and 25 sets of possible investors.  The two men decided to say a prayer that night.  If nothing happened within 48 hours they would “throw in the towel”. Within 48 hours they found a bank, were granted a loan and a week later a lawyer friend of Duane’s called to say he had a group of 9 doctors in Philadelphia who would invest in the club. And as they say, “the rest is history.” 
Duane liked the corporate world and eventually became head of Capitol Holding.  He and his family subsequently moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where he still resides.  It was decided Ed would manage the club. With Ed’s vision of customer service, the club grew and flourished.  Today he and his wife, Karen, along with their staff of 28 people manage the club, which now has over 1500 members.
In 1995 the Jim Klein Tennis College was established at Doylestown.  Teaching by the laws of physics, Jim began recruiting and training teaching professionals.  Now he has 5 full time teaching professionals and a well-trained group of assistant coaches.  With the addition of the Jim Klein Tennis College, Ed believes he has acquired the last part of that “ideal club” he and Duane envisioned in 1972.
To this day Ed and Duane remain close friends. They often talk about the club and the dream they achieved, and it all began with a handshake and a prayer many years ago.