Doylestown Tennis Club



Video Training Center

Our Video Training Center is an East Coast exclusive! 

This center is used for teaching/training and is equipped for production of our video teaching series.


It includes:

         A Practice Lane with ball machine and targets for players to hone their skills.  Provides practice without a pro.  Ball machine feeds balls to the player who hits to targets. You can book a half hour, or, if you are a club member- sign up for a 3-month or 1-year “unlimited use” contract.

        Video Center with TV for skills analysis with one of our coaches:   

1)       We have on-court cameras that we use for
 state-of-the-art stroke analysis.       

2)   In addition, we use these cameras for “match play analysis”

3)   We also produce our own video teaching
 series here


        Tennis Mates for rallying (w/staff supervision) Tennis Mates are portable backboards made of durable tarp-like material sloped at an angle to allow a player to maintain a rally. The dimensions of a Tennis Mate are proportional to the dimensions of a tennis court.  It is also possible to work on footwork and achieve a cardiovascular workout.


        Floor length mirrors for shadow swinging.



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