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Our Teaching Philosophy 

The JIM KLEIN TENNIS COLLEGE was established at the Doylestown Tennis Club in May, 1995.

With a staff of four full time pros and twelve assistant pros, all trained to teach by the laws of physics, our objective is to help you achieve YOUR goal.  Our easily understood teaching techniques eliminate wasted motion to produce more efficient strokes.

 “Our system of teaching isn’t like other programs.  Our teaching is based on the laws of physics, which are irrefutable.  We take the opinion out of teaching and base it on scientific facts.” -- Jim Klein, Director of Tennis.   This consistency and uniformity is what has made our programs so successful. 

We have studied many of the world’s top playing professionals of the past thirty years using high-speed film.  Through accurate analysis of slow motion video (high-speed film), it is clear that each part of a given stroke must be completed for a player to reach maximum success. 

Our four full time pros have been working together for over ten years, unusual among tennis coaches and clubs.  We credit this longevity to the training and teamwork nurtured by Jim. 

 “The team philosophy means that the pros don’t claim individuals as their private students. The student comes first.  All our coaches teach according to the same philosophy, by the same methods.  The basics are the basics, and we all aim to be brilliant with those basics.” – Jim Klein 

“We work together to make the program successful, to help it grow.  Whether it’s leagues, camps, or juniors, we all have the same focus.” -- Ryan Reidy, Assistant Head Pro 

Many programs claim to offer the “best and greatest”.  Easy to say… not easy to back up.  We recognize the damage of widespread misinformation in teaching tennis and urge you to read our “Common Myths of Tennis”. 


                                          Myths of Tennis

•  Come over the ball for topspin

•  Hit down on your serve

•    Hit slice on your volleys

•  Take lots of little steps to the ball

•   Scratch your back on your serve

•  Stop and volley

•  Point at the ball on overheads

•  Snap your wrist on the serve

•  Toss high for more time on your serve

•  You don’t have time to change your grip on volleys

•  Too old to start playing tennis

      . . . too old to improve

        Why didn’t I learn that $2000 ago? 

If you have been a victim of these or other common myths of teaching tennis, you need to see a teaching pro at Doylestown Tennis Club.

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