Doylestown Tennis Club



Club History

The Beginning

     The Doylestown Tennis Club opened its doors in September of 1973.  But the story began early in 1972 on a back porch. Two friends, Ed Mullaney and Duane Murner, were talking about the fact that for a long time each had thought it would be great to be an entrepreneur and have their own business.


 Ed’s background was marketing and sales, and Duane was a district sales manager in the insurance industry with a keen eye for numbers.  Neither man had any savings to speak of but this was a goal, a dream, and that very day they decided to begin working on achieving that dream. 

    They liked the idea of indoor tennis, although neither had played the sport except for a few times the prior year.  They agreed that Doylestown could be an ideal place for an indoor tennis facility.   It began with a handshake and some personal loans for expenses.  After doing an extensive feasibility study, visiting 20 clubs in 3 states looking at every aspect of building the “ideal club”, they began looking for investors and a bank who would grant them the major financing. Twenty-two banks and twenty-some sets of investors later they had nothing to show for their efforts.  On Christmas eve they agreed each would go home, say a prayer,


and if nothing happened


by December 26th, they would throw in the towel, saying they gave it their best shot, but it didn’t work.  On the morning of December 26th Ed had an idea about a bank they had not approached.  Within one week the bank agreed.  Then 24 hours later a friend of Duane’s, a lawyer who had graduated with him at Harvard, called with an offer from 9 doctors who were interested in investing in a tennis club.  And, as they say, the rest is history. 

    It was determined that Ed would manage the club.  Duane liked the corporate world and wanted to remain there.

     The Doylestown Tennis Club opened on September 15, 1973. The dream grew and flourished, inspiring everyone who has been connected with the club.  Everyone who meets Ed learns what his concept of operating a business is- focused on caring, caring about staff and members, with his personal brand of customer service.



Ed with Bill White, long time friend and tennis companion

Bill is a former Major League baseball star.  As first baseman for the 
St. Louis Cardinals, then the Phillies, Bill is a 7-time Gold Glove
recipient. Later Bill was announcer for the New York Yankees,
and eventually Baseball’s National League President.  


Ed, Bill Eastburn, Bill White, and Harry Kalas

For years, Ed, Bill White, the late Bill Eastburn, a prominent attorney, and the late Harry Kalas, famous Phillies announcer, would play doubles at the club, then have dinner and solve “all the problems of the world.” 
Tennis is a wonderful sport that creates wonderful friendships like these.


Jim Klein Tennis College

     In 1995 the Jim Klein Tennis College was established at DTC.  Following the teaching methods used by the legendary Vic Braden, one of Jim’s mentors, Jim began recruiting and training pros to teach by the laws of physics with our own distinct style.  

     We now have a variety of programs for all levels of adults, and our Junior program services over 200 children between the ages of 4 and 18 on a weekly basis.  With the addition of the Jim Klein Tennis College, Ed believes the club has achieved the last part of that “ideal club” he and Duane dreamed of.  For more about the Jim Klein Tennis College- see the Instruction menu.


      With 1500 members, the club now enjoys exceptional levels of success in all aspects thanks to an attentive, experienced staff of quality people who place a high priority on friendly service and quality instruction.  Ed, along with his wife, Karen, enjoys the daily contact with members.  The Doylestown Tennis Club was chosen as “Club of the Year” by the Philadelphia Lawn & Tennis Association.  Among other numerous awards, the club has been repeatedly voted the “Best of Bucks” award by the community as the top tennis club in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. 

     To this day Ed and Duane remain good friends.  Duane now lives in Louisville, Kentucky.  Though he is removed from the business, he and Ed talk occasionally about the club and the dream they achieved.  And it all began with a handshake over 40 years ago.


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