Doylestown Tennis Club



Court Time

Open Court Time

You are welcome to play tennis at the club on an “open time” basis.  To book a court, we suggest that members call in advance.  Members may call up to 7 days in advance.  There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all open time reservations.

            Special:  Members only privilege -- free play on our outdoor courts.


We accept open time reservations from non-members.  However, non members cannot book a court in advance unless it is paid in full.  Non-members are also required to pay guest fees in addition to the regular open time court rates. 




Junior “Walk-On” Rate

Junior Walk-On is a special open time rate for junior members (under 18 years old).

This allows juniors to play at reduced rates at times when courts are available.


  • The court cannot be booked in advance.

  • Special rate applies only to junior members.  Adults playing with juniors pay the regular open time rate for their share of the court time.

  • If the court is booked in advance, the regular court rate will apply.

  • Juniors can be “bumped” for adult players.

  • The non-member guest fee will apply to any non-member players on the court.




Early Bird Special


Want to get a great start to your day- with exercise for you body and mind?  Why not try Early Bird Tennis?  Come join other members and guests who take advantage or our low Early Bird rates-- 7:00 to 9:00 AM weekdays.  Play tennis, then freshen up in our fully appointed locker rooms.  You'll find everything you need to get you going.  See our brochure for details.


League Play


There are numerous in-house and interclub leagues available for members at all levels of play. 
See the Leagues menu for more information.

USTA League Champions`


 Please remember proper tennis attire is required at all times on the court.

  • Appropriate  tennis clothing (no jeans)

  • Tennis shoes with no black soles

  • Shirts must be worn at all times on indoor and outdoor courts

  • Water only on court - other beverages can damage the court surface

  • When coming onto a court, please remember to put your clothing, tennis bag, and any additional items near the playing net.  Items near the back curtain or near a side curtain can be dangerous and may hamper a player on your court or an adjoining court. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

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